Hey everyone,

You may have noticed that I haven’t published on my YouTube channel in almost 2 months, and the reason for this is that I’m leaving my channel behind.

Before you start uncontrollably weeping and telling your parents, don’t worry - I’m not done with making YouTube videos.

In fact, I’ve decided to start a new channel!

Now you might be confused - my old channel has just hit 10,000 subscribers (insane!!) and has been going strong for a while, but there are a few reasons for my decision.

In this newsletter I’ll share:

  1. Why I’m starting a new channel
  2. Three lessons that you can apply to make better decisions in your life.

Why I’m starting fresh

This is a picture of my most viewed videos in the last 28 days. As you can see, the majority of these videos were published over a year ago:

This year, I’ve moved away from UCAT content and have largely been posting about study tips and my life in medical school. Unfortunately, these videos haven’t been as popular with my audience of UCAT viewers.

Going forwards, I don’t see myself continuing to make UCAT related content. While this was a large part of my old channel, the landscape is continuously changing and I don’t think I would be able to provide as good advice as I used to.

Furthermore, I’m more than halfway through medical school and my thoughts have started to turn towards my career. I’ve realised that I want to create content more aligned with my future as a doctor.

These reflections have led me to make the decision to start a new channel and leave my old one behind. Even if this process turns out to be a complete flop, I can always return to my old channel and start posting there again.

Ultimately, I’m hoping to start a business alongside my new channel with the goal of helping medical students and doctors study more effectively. This is something I can actually see myself doing long term, especially since learning is something doctors do for their entire careers.

Three lessons you can take away

No decision will ever be perfect.

By making this decision, I’m at risk of losing all of the progress that I had made with my old channel. There’s a chance that my new channel won’t work out at all, and there’s a chance that it changes my life. I can’t know for sure how this will work out and that’s ok.

Constant reflection is key.

I would never have realised that I needed to make a change if I hadn’t reflected on where I wanted to go in life. Reflecting on my priorities, future and goals have made me realise that what I was doing was different from what I wanted to be doing. Again, reflecting won’t allow me to perfectly predict my future, but it can help reduce regrets that I might have.

Doing what is comfortable can be a trap.

It would have been easy for me to continue with what I was doing, but I know that I would have been unhappy with the outcome. While sticking to the status quo can be comforting, I think that taking risks and pushing ourselves to do better allows us to unlock our fullest potentials.

I’ve officially launched my new channel, and I’ve released some videos that I’m honestly quite proud of. If you think you would be interested, please subscribe, and watch the video linked below!

- Emil

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