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After a long hiatus, Emil’s Emails is finally back! 🥳 🥳

After my old email newsletter platform shut down, I kept putting off restarting this newsletter, even though it was one of my favourite aspects of making content. This experience has really reminded me of how easy it is to put things off and make excuses when they aren’t urgent. Fittingly, this return newsletter will be about the power of prioritisation.

Prioritisation has been one of the best conscious changes I have made to my productivity in the past year.

It may seem simple, but I used to schedule things in my to-do list and just do them, without much thought put behind when the smartest time to do something might be. Although this can work, it often leads to urgency trapping, where we sacrifice working on long term projects to meet short term deadlines, resulting in long term projects eventually becoming urgent and starting the vicious cycle again.

For around 3-4 months, I had been thinking about restarting my email newsletter, but I had the same excuses popping up in my head: “I want to find the best platform to use, so I should wait until I have some time to do it!” or “I’m not sure if I have enough time to post email newsletters anyway, maybe I should wait”.

Even though these seem valid reasons, they are still excuses at heart. If I wanted to find a better platform, I could do that regardless of whether I was posting an email newsletter or not. If I really had no time to do an email newsletter, I would never have been able to start one in the first place!

Around 2 weeks ago, I realised that there were several tasks that I had been consistently putting off in favour of urgent tasks. Things like servicing my car (probably quite important lol), restarting this newsletter and a few other boring tax related things. If you’ve heard of Eisenhower’s matrix, these were tasks that were very important, but not urgent.

One weekend, I had a moment where I realised that these tasks needed to be done, so I scheduled one task into my calendar each week. As a result, I’ve gotten the engine lights in my car switched off, and I’ve restarted this newsletter!

I’m sure that all of us have these types of tasks that end up getting pushed back further and further, so try giving prioritisation a go and escape the cycle of leaving things to the last minute!

- Emil

My Progress

My last edition was sent on Dec 28th, and we've grown 1374 subscribers since then!

YouTube subscribers: 7,247

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