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Writing Everything Out

Writing Everything Out
By Emil Eddy • Issue #47 • View online
Hey everyone!
I’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed recently!
As it’s the middle of my university holidays, I’m quite aware of an intense pressure to get stuff done. After spending a semester saying that I’ll do all sorts of tasks later, now is the time I’m actually supposed to do it!
This pressure isn’t helped by the fact that university holidays are quite long (1.5 months) and I’m not going away, which gives me even less of an excuse to not do anything.
I’ve had quite a few tasks on my to-do list that have built up over time. Specifically, I wanted to finish my UCAT Crash Course series on YouTube, hire another video editor, do some important life/youtube admin tasks and prepare myself to be more consistent with uploads next semester.
Earlier this week, I realised that I hadn’t made much progress on these tasks, and that my holiday time was running out. I felt overwhelmed, anxious and stressed.
When thinking about how I could manage my situation, I realised that many of the tasks I had to do were poorly defined and seemed more daunting as a result. A couple of days ago, I took the time to write out all of the tasks I wanted to complete, how long they would take, and how I could break them up into smaller components.
For example, I separated my “decision making done live” video into this: DM Live - 3 hours filming + 3 hours edit
I purposely significantly overestimated the time I thought these actions would take and then I used these estimates to schedule out time to do these tasks in my calendar.
After doing this, I realised that I would be able to finish my UCAT series sometime in the next 1-2 weeks, and that I would certainly have time to accomplish some of my other goals.
Accomplishing the tasks scheduled into my calendar is a different task altogether, but I found that the exercise gave me clarity on my path to success and greatly eased the stress I was feeling.
If you have various tasks that you vaguely want to complete, I’d highly recommend that you try writing everything out to gain some clarity!
- Emil

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Emil Eddy

Hi! My name is Emil and I'm a second year medical student studying at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Every Sunday I write a little bit about my life as a medical student and content creator :)

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