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High vs Low Measure

High vs Low Measure
By Emil Eddy • Issue #51 • View online
Hey everyone!
I’ve recently purchased the AirPod Pros, and it’s reminded me about high and low measure items.
I first heard about this idea from the Not Overthinking podcast and it’s an interesting way to consider the amount of money you should allocate to different purchasing decisions.
The idea of high and low measure is based on the fact that certain objects are used more/less than others, and thus, have a higher/lower impact on your life.
High measure items are the items that have large importance, either through frequency of use, or importance of use. A phone would be an excellent example of a high measure item, as the average person would use it 100 or more times a day. As a result, changes to the quality of your phone would impace your life more significantly, as an increase in the quality of your phone means an increase in the quality of your life all 100 times you use your phone a day. Based on it’s importance, healthcare would also constitute as a high measure item. Even if you only used medical services once, it would still be important to pay for the best ones, as the impact of getting a budget medical surgery done with plastic tools and rubbing alcohol could be catastrophic. Other examples of high measure items include shoes, office chairs, matresses and computers.
Conversely, low measure items are items that you use less frequently, or that have a low impact on your life. If you’re someone who doesn’t cook, all kitchen equipment would likely be very low measure. If you’re only going to wear an item of clothing once for a surprise party, it would be a low measure item.
I like this idea, as it encourages you to think about whether you are spending your money in the right places. I always aim to spend my money on items that are relatively high measure rather than blowing my cash on something I’ll use once.
Thinking about my Airpods purchase, I believe that airpods will be a relatively high measure item in my life. I can use them whenever I’m calling my friends, going to the gym or even studying at university.
I don’t think you should spend your money recklessly on things that you consider high measure, but it is interesting to consider whether you should spend more money on something. As the concept of measure changes between individuals, I think it’s a great way to self reflect on what you think is important in life. If there’s been a purchase you’ve been unsure about for a while, think about what level of measure it might have and see how that changes your opinion!
- Emil
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