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Good Choices Update

Good Choices Update
By Emil Eddy • Issue #43 • View online
Hey everyone!
I’ve had a really busy weekend, so I’ll keep it short today with an update from last week’s newsletter.
Overall, I’ve found a lot of success with keeping my screen time lower this week. I’ve reduced my weekly average screen time from 4 hours last week to 2hr 52mins this week!

I think this drastic drop was partly due to me using some willpower to make this happen, however, I do feel as though I did take many steps to make the good choice easier to make.
For the majority of the week, I hid my phone in a nook in my bookcase to stop myself from instinctively reaching for it, and I also stopped using my phone during meals. These small steps helped me to reduce the time I was spending on my phone, and also reduced my urge to grab my phone at any given point.
I think I’m going to call this experiment a success, but I’ll have to see if I can maintain this effort over a longer period of time!
- Emil
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YouTube subscribers: 2,580
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YouTube revenue last week: $22.56
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The Only UCAT Verbal Reasoning Guide You'll Ever Need...
The Only UCAT Verbal Reasoning Guide You'll Ever Need...
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Emil Eddy

Hi! My name is Emil and I'm a second year medical student studying at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Every Sunday I write a little bit about my life as a medical student and content creator :)

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